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Prada in Marfa

After reading the following from an article of
“must sees” in America on
MSNBC I remembered why Marfa sounded familiar to me, it is where the movie “Giant” was filmed”.

America’s hidden travel gems – the West Texas desert seems an unlikely home for high fashion. But along a desolate stretch of U.S. Highway 90 near Marfa, Texas, travelers can stop at a Prada boutique. Unfortunately for shopaholics, the doors of “Marfa Prada” are sealed — it’s not a functioning store, but a permanent art installation…

the article doesn’t mention the bullet holes in the installation courtesy of local irate cowboys.


Hotel Paisano – Marfa, Texas

Art Oasis from

The high point of the Paisano’s history came in 1955, when the cast and crew of Giant occupied the hotel during the film’s three-month shoot in and around Marfa. “It was the most exciting thing we’ve had in Marfa in all these years,” says Lucy Garcia, a town native who was one of a half-dozen teenagers to hang out at the hotel during the shoot. “Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor were here, but they were a little too big for Marfa. They gave us autographs but wouldn’t allow any pictures. James Dean let us take pictures of him at the hotel and showed us the lasso rope trick he was learning for the movie. He told jokes. He had such a pretty giggle.”

via …In 1955 Warner Brothers chose Marfa as the location for the filming of the epic movie Giant. In June of that year the cast and crew including James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson made the hotel their headquarters. Today, the hotel still has many visitors that come to see and remember Giant. James Dean’s hotel room here is one of the most popular that we have to offer.


Marfa Film Festival

Marfa even has it’s own Film Festival, looks like a good one too!


Marfa Mystery Lights

from Travel & Leisure – the tradition that has come to define the city most is not even explainable. Every September a festival celebrates the Marfa Mystery Lights. Just outside town, at a certain bend in Route 90, you can stand on the side of the road in the desert and, looking south toward Mexico, see fleeting visions of light that flash about in the sky. First recorded in 1881 by a young cowboy named Robert P. Ellison, who was tending a herd of cattle and thought he had spotted the campfires of Apache Indians, the lights—still unaccounted for by science—appear and disappear, and seem to divide and travel in the night sky. Near the viewing site where you can best see the Marfa Mystery Lights, a plaque explains why they cannot be physically located: The flickering lights are “an unusual phenomenon similar to a miracle where atmospheric conditions produced by the interaction of cold and warm layers of air blend together so it can be seen from afar but not up close. The mystery of the lights will remain unsolved.”

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